About Shelee

Growing up on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, I certainly had a beautiful, inspiring backdrop to help fuel my passion for art from an early age.

Fast forward a few decades and life’s twists and turns brought me further up the east coast to Central Queensland, living opposite the Keppel Islands and a stone’s throw from the Great Barrier Reef.

I have 3 wonderful, although feisty and loud children that keep me on my toes and make it difficult for me to paint as much as I would like, however seeing their creative sides grow as they learn different techniques from me is as rewarding as completing a new piece anyway!

Acrylic colour  hasn’t always been my go-to medium, although once I discovered it, I never looked back.

Entirely self-taught from my early teens, I started out with a healthy obsession for charcoal and got lost in many a black and white image/photo and shaded my way to  a few humble sales to a cafe and a local hair salon – I was on my way!

Moving to our new location brought on a new confident and a super-sized ambition to somehow incorporate painting into my everyday life.

I joined the local gallery and there I discovered my work was quite different and unique and to this day, I’m still unable to find similar work to my own.

As far as inspiration goes, I have always lived on and loved the coast and I tend to paint in the same colours I see when I look around my small coastal town and its beaches.

Discovering fluid art was a turning point for me, its organic, free-flowing movement is mesmerising to watch and has a calming effect on me. I love how it takes on a life of its own and travels a path I could never have planned. Each piece is so unique!

It’s a lovely surprise to find resemblance to our beautiful landscapes, islands and coral of the Great Barrier Reef within my fluid art creations.

All my pieces eventually find their loving home, the space where they belong, where they were meant to be.