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The Shelee Art E-Course gives you the skills to create and control fluid paint. The Bloom E-Course consists of 17 videos with over 3.5 hours viewing time. Watch at your own leisure and learn at your own pace.

Watch Shelee demonstrate how to prep canvasesmix up pouring medium, use pigments and paints and mix a silicone free cell activator, which is used to create the sought after exclusive cells and blooms that Shelee is renowned for.

And now for the best part…You will gain access to the best Fluid Art Community on Facebook the Sheleeart E-Course Community Facebook group! . Within the group you will find tips and tricks, bloom technique support and hours upon hours of additional paint sessions to learn from.  Shelee has held over 24, 2 hour live paint sessions, so you can really get the inside take of blooming from the bloom technique creator herself.

Course Modules

  • Supplies / Ingredients
  • Canvas / Board Preparation
  • The Importance of the Pillow Layer
  • Pouring Medium
  • Mixing Tube Paints
  • Mixing Pigments
  • Mixing the Cell Activator
  • Thickening and Thinning of mixes
  • The Art of the Blow
  • Creating the Bloom Demonstration
  • Beetles Back Demonstration
  • Swipe Demonstration
  • Drying of your Art
  • Making a basic fluid art spinner

Here’s what people have to say about the Sheleeart E-Course…

Jeannine E – “I have to say my confidence soared when I joined this group, and doing the Sheleeart E-Course.  I thank you all for your guidance & patience.”

Mary Anne G – ” I am forever grateful for this group! It has been a few years and I have learned a lot and continue to do so every day! I learned to bloom from Shelee. How to go big, courage to resin, and love making a mess from Lisa. How to float a bloom from Jodie. How to swirl from Billie. How to charcuterie from Sue. Where to shop for the best paint materials in the US from Debra. How to use the red like Star. How to create skins and enhancements from Nikki. And so much more.

If you are new to this art! Stick with it, and learn from the best like I have. Thank you to all of you GREATS who have helped me on this beautiful and artful journey ❤️.”

Deborah J – “Amazing course, clearly explained and demonstrated!”

About Shelee

Growing up on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, I certainly had a beautiful, inspiring backdrop to help fuel my passion for art from an early age.

Fast forward a few decades and life’s twists and turns brought me further up the east coast to Central Queensland, living opposite the Keppel Islands and a stone’s throw from the Great Barrief Reef.

I have 3 wonderful, although feisty and loud children that keep me on my toes and make it difficult for me to paint as much as I would like, however seeing their creative sides grow as they learn different techniques from me is as rewarding as completing a new piece anyway!

Acrylic colour  hasn’t always been my go-to medium, although once I discovered it, I never looked back…

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